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For all your exotic game meats & Australian bush tucker

Mahogany Creek has nearly 40 years’ experience supplying Australia with the freshest and most flavorsome premium meats, including game birds, sausages and Australian bush tucker. As choice producers, wholesalers and distributors of the highest quality game meats and bush tucker in Western Australia, we are proud suppliers to many hospitality and catering businesses across the country. Contact us to place your order today.

We know that when it comes to game meats, game birds and gourmet Aussie foods, you want quality products that are authentic and sustainably sourced. Our exotic products include, but are not limited to, game meats such as goat meat, goose meat and exotic bird meats like guinea fowl. We only order game and poultry from Australian growers, including venison from WA’s South West, crocodile from the Northern Territory and Buffalo from Queensland or NT.

When you order from us you are assured of chemical and antibiotic-free game meats and authentic bush tucker, all prepared to strict food standards.

Our products meet all health and safety regulations. As a HACCP Certified distributor, our business is regularly inspected (more than twice a year) and our certification assures you that our meats are amongst the freshest and safest in Australia. HACCP regulates and promotes safe food in Australia. Every HACCP inspection and audit has yielded exceptional results for our company.

Today’s menus often describe in detail not only the ingredients used and health values, but where those ingredients came from and how they were prepared. With this in mind, we offer advice on seasonal menu changes and chef requests for, “Something a little different.” giving our clients and their patrons something new to enjoy.

Local sourcing and professional processing is a vital consideration for businesses and consumers when seeking authentic Australian bush tucker, game meats and poultry. Bulk products such as our wholesale bush tomatoes can also be ordered in portions for efficient menu planning and waste reduction.

Transparency is key to our industry, and because we don’t believe in compromising on quality, we offer have a range of fact sheets, which can be downloaded from our website. These fact sheets include information such as where our game meats are sourced, the type of cuts available, ways to prepare for the best cooking experience, and the nutritional benefits of eating our game meats and sausages.

We’ve provided some of our most popular fact sheets here:

  • Buffalo meat:
    A preferred substitute for traditional beef and lamb and best prepared grilled, slow cooked or braised. Mostly sourced from the Northern Territory, buffalo meat is deep red in colour with very little intramuscular fat; available as fillets, mince, cube roll and diced.
  • Bush tomatoes:
    Sourced from central and Eastern Australia and mainly harvested by Aboriginal communities, bush tomatoes are sold in 250gm minimum lots, and shine in salads, sauces and stews.
  • Camel meat:
    High in protein and low in fat, camel is sourced from the wild in central Australia. Best featured in simple dishes, this meat is available in cube rolls and fillets.
  • Chorizos:
    Unique and flavoursome, we produce our own buffalo, emu and crocodile meat chorizo, and source venison meat chorizo from Margaret River. Available all year round, these products are the star on any tasting plate, whether grilled or on a pizza.
  • Chutney:
    Bush tomato, Apricot and Quandong, or Illawara plum, our chutneys are produced in Perth and are available throughout the year.
  • Crocodile:
    Sustainably harvested in northern Australia (Australian Crocodile Traders), this exotic treat is tasty, tender and versatile, as well as being rich in flavour with high nutritional value. The meat is best cooked from frozen as this guarantees moisture retention and should be cooked to medium rare. Choose from tail fillets, body flesh or bone-in legs.
  • Duck meat:
    Our ducks are raised in NSW (Tinder Creek) and country Victoria (Luv-a-duck) and then transported to us under controlled conditions. Pieces (breast, legs, etc.) can be ordered by kilogram or by the number required. Next day delivery is available and our duck products are Halal certified.

You can order game meats, bird meats and Australian bush tucker online or via telephone 08 9249 2866 or fax 08 9249 2867.

Read up about becoming a customer and arranging delivery to your business. You can browse our frequently asked questions or contact us if you cannot find the information you require.

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