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Mahogany Creek Distributors is the WA name for poultry and game.

We’ve been active in Western Australia since 1986 as the preferred poultry supplier for many industry-leading hotels, restaurants, cruise-liners, aged care facilities, mining companies, pubs, caterers, hospitals, butchers, government departments, prisons, school cafeterias and events companies.

Where we source our poultry:

Mahogany Creek’s full-scale poultry range is sourced only from suppliers who have met all stringent HACCP and RSPCA Approved Farming Food Safety requirements. Environmental enrichment contributes to the welfare of all Mahogany Creek stock. As a culinary supplier, we are also proud to support a sustainable ‘nose-to-tail’ approach to poultry when requested.

Our range of poultry includes:

We supply a full range of chicken options including breast, leg, thigh and offcuts. We also offer custom boning options and the choice of fresh or frozen produce. It’s worth noting that our pre-portioned chicken products have helped many of our clients save time and money in the kitchen!

Whether it’s Christmas or not, turkey is a lean and delicious choice of poultry. From 2.5kg to 12.5kg, Mahogany Creek offers whole birds to suit your size. We also produce fresh turkey products, including Turkey Ballotine and turkey buffet – delete. We have many Turkey options available including Ballotines and turkey buffet.

Grown in the beautiful New South Wales countryside, Mahogany Creek ducks are a special breed. We sell fresh, succulent duck meat in whole or boned varieties, plus offal, mince and more. Duck breast, legs and fat are the perfect ingredients for any fine dining fare.

If you’re looking for a top-tier poultry supplier based in WA, look no further than Mahogany Creek. Our flexible approach to whole, boned or portioned poultry specifically designed for the food service industry has cut costs for thousands of businesses across Australia.

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