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Australian Chorizo Range

We have a selected range of Australian Chorizos that are perfect on a tasting plate. Our Chorizo’s have distinctive Australian flavours that make them very unique and flavoursome; Buffalo & Native Pepperleaf, Emu & whole pepperberries, Crocodile & Fennel.

  • Buffalo Chorizo- 3 pieces per packet. Approx 700gm per piece. 2kg packet.
  • Emu Chorizo- 7 pieces per packet. Approx 300gm per piece. 2.35kg packet.
  • Venison Chorizo- 6 pieces per packet. Approx 250gm per piece. 1.5kg packet.
  • Crocodile Chorizo- 4 pieces per packet. Approx 600gm per piece. 2.5kg packet.

Origin: Buffalo, Crocodile & Emu Chorizo produced by Mahogany Creek Distributors. Venison Chorizo produced in Margaret River.

Cooking: Our chorizos can be used as you would with any other Chorizo’s whether it be grilled and served on a tasting plate, on a pizza, or used in paella etc.

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