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Planning The Perfect Australian Bush Tucker Menu For Summer

As Christmas approaches, it’s the perfect time to start creating festive menus and planning activities and what better way to celebrate than to put together a truly Australian bush tucker feast? Native meats are the perfect addition to the Aussie summer and outdoor festivities. Sausages, steaks and burger patties made from kangaroo, emu or crocodile are not only delicious, they can also give your customers the opportunity to experience new flavours. Follow our tips below to plan an Austral...

5 Tips For Cooking Kangaroo Meat: The Healthy Australian Alternative

Kangaroo meat has long been overlooked by local kitchens but our native bush tucker offers some great health benefits, along with being a tasty addition to any menu. Native meats are versatile as well as an opportunity for customers to experience a new and exciting dish. There are numerous health benefits to kangaroo meat at the recommended serving size of 200g. The meat contains low fat content, such as very low levels of saturated fats. All cuts are lean, so you receive a quality product wh...

9 Australian Bush Tucker Foods You Need To Try

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Incorporating new foods into your cooking projects can be exciting, yet confusing when you are presented with a wide range of exotic ingredients. However, when seeking a new culinary experience, you need not look further than native foods. There is an array of Australian bush tucker options available which are full of flavour and simple to create. We have compiled a list of essential ingredients to start stocking your pantry to create authentic Australian bush tucker: Kangaroo With its low ...

Alternative Christmas Recipes Featuring Game Birds

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Christmas every year can become a bit predictable when you serve up the same stuffed turkey and sides. Whilst Mahogany Creek Distributors stocks a range of quality chicken and turkeys, perfect for a traditional Christmas, we also have a range of game birds which can shake up your predictable Christmas and create a truly special meal. When you have to impress the relatives, try some of our favourite recipes: Quail Quail is a small sized game bird, which can be a single serve as an appetiser. Ch...

Current Specials

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We need more room in the freezers so we are heavily reducing the price of some lines. This is a great opportunity to purchase some awesome products that will make your menu look fantastic. We have Perri Perri Spatchcocks (2 per packet) reduced to $11.80 per pack or $5.90 per bird! The Perri Perri Spatchcock is a semi boned (rib cage removed) Spatchcock making it perfect for char grilling. 2 Litre tubs of Duck Fat, straight from Luv A Duck at $32.00 per tub - buy this before the boss finds ...

NAIDOC Celebration

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NAIDOC - 2015 NAIDOC celebrations are held around Australia in July each year to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.This year the official NAIDOC Celebration week is from the 5th to the 12th July. Our business has been working closely with organisations growing and gathering for almost 30 years. With your support we can keep moving forward by supporting the future of these Great Australian Native Foods. If you are planning a NA...