Mahogany Creek


Our duck meat comes from a special breed grown especially for Mahogany Creek in the beautiful New South Wales countryside. Mahogany Creek Ducks are raised in barns to shelter from the elements. Once they are fully-grown and ready they are then transported to us for processing and delivery to our customers.

Pekin Duck

Mahogany Creek sells quality Pekin duck meat. Many have no doubt heard of the traditional Chinese speciality dish – Peking duck (which does often employ this particular breed), but the Pekin duck is actually favoured around the world for its succulent duck meat.

Great recipes using Pekin duck include:

  • Slow-cooked confit with salad and blue cheese
  • Simple cassoulet with beans and tomato
  • Hunter's stew with mushrooms and sauerkraut

The Cuts You Need

Our duck meat products are halal certified, and the pieces of your bird (breast, legs, etc.) can be ordered in bulk by the kilogram for larger hotel or full scale kitchen use, or by the specific number required when ordering on a reserved budget. We offer next day delivery on our duck meat products - which comes in sizes 15s to 23s.

We have a great selection for all your cooking needs including:

  • Whole and boned birds - you can choose to butcher your birds yourself or enjoy the convenience of having your delivery arrive ready for you to cook with minimal preparation.
  • Legs - perfect for popular dishes such as confit, legs have the intense flavour and fat content necessary for an extraordinary plate.
  • Breast - our succulent breast meat is favoured by many of the nation’s leading hotel and restaurant outlets.
  • Offal, mince, and more - top chefs understand that utilising the entire bird results in the best flavours. Often what’s cast aside by many is transformed into the signature dishes a restaurant will be known for.

An exciting secret of many celebrity chefs has made its way into small kitchens and homes, i.e. recipes which include quality duck fat. This has the potential to turn any dish into something truly remarkable. If you think you make great potatoes then try using this “secret” ingredient. You haven’t tasted anything yet!

To find out more about our products call Mahogany Creek on 08 9249 2866 or enquire online.