Mahogany Creek


They say that some of the best things in life are worth sharing. We certainly think so, and have the perfect product for just that: Mahogany Creek’s Australiana Chorizos.

Whether it’s a barbeque lunch, brunch, a tasting plate, dinner or a pizza, nothing beats sharing a delicious bite to eat with family and friends. And when you really aim to impress, there’s no better way than with a selection of perfectly seasoned Australiana Chorizos from Mahogany Creek.

What makes our chorizos the best is that we combine purely Australian ingredients with traditional recipes to create unique meat products that are hard to top. This means they’re great on their own or paired with other food items and dishes. Produced under our Goanna Gourmet label, these chorizos will have people talking and wanting more.

We offer a range of flavours, including:

Emu and Native Pepperberry

With the gaminess of emu, the zest of a Native Pepperberry, and a hot peppery zing, this sausage has a stand out flavour destined to be a crowd pleaser.


Buffalo and Native Pepperleaf

A sausage that blends Australian buffalo with the smooth, woody character and peppery zing of the Native Pepperleaf.


Venison Chorizo

This chorizo contains venison meat which is a dark red, fine grained meat that is low in fat and high in flavor. We source our venison from Margaret River Venison who, over a number of years, have established themselves as one of the leaders in breeding top quality deer.


Get in Touch

To find out more about our chorizo offerings and other products please call Mahogany Creek on 08 9249 2866 or submit an online enquiry form.

BU008 : Buffalo and Native Pepperleaf Chorizo - 2.5kg
EM007C : Emu and Native Pepperberry Chorizo - 1.75kg
VE024C : Venison Chorizo - 1.5kg