Mahogany Creek

Buffalo Meat

Buffalo Meat is deep red in colour with a taste that is similar to Beef only a little gamier. Buffalo have lived in Australia since the 1820s and in recent times have become an industry of its own standing.

The steaks are best cooked for a shorter time then would usually be used for Beef. Over cooking will dry out and toughen the meat. Use a sizzling hot plate to seal in the juices it is best eaten medium rare. If you prefer well done steaks use a marinade to ensure it stays juicy.

We carry a Buffalo and Native Pepper Blanched Sausage – check this out in the Goanna Gourmet section.

Buffalo Meat
BU001 : Buffalo Fillet
BU002 : Buffalo Mince
BU004 : Buffalo Cube Roll
BU005 : Buffalo Diced