Mahogany Creek

Kangeroo Meat

The ultimate in free range – you try and keep one behind a fence!

Free from antibiotics, chemicals and any human intervention. The meat is processed under the strictest of standards. Kangaroo meat is low in fat, high in protein and full of flavor.

A deep red meat it is best cooked on a sizzling hot plate to seal in its natural juices to medium rare. If you prefer well done it is best to add a marinade.

We carry a Kangaroo and Riberry Blanched Sausage – check this out in the Goanna Gourmet section

Kangeroo Meat
KA001 :Kangaroo Topside
KA002 :Kangaroo Tail
KA003 :Kangaroo Rump
KA005 :Kangaroo Backstrap
KA006 :Kangaroo Mince
KA007 :Kangaroo Diced