Raw Pet Food

Mahogany Creek has been loved by Western Australians for our premium meat products since 1986 – now we’ll be loved by your pets too! The Mahogany Creek range of healthy meat for dogs and other pets is the perfect option for your animals that require special hypoallergenic, weight loss or skin allergy specific diets – or those who expect the very best! We supply a range of pet meats to pet owners as well as businesses looking for healthy raw ingredients for their pet food products.

We understand that when it comes to your pet, you want to ensure their food is healthy, free from preservatives and won’t cause reactions for those with specific food intolerances. Our Pets Eat Fresh range caters to those needs by keeping it simple – 100% natural meat ingredients for healthy pets. Trust us – they’ll love it! Plus, with Mahogany Creek you can take advantage of wholesale prices with an easy collect option.

If you’re a pet food business, get in touch with our team for fresh raw ingredients to suit your needs.


Diced Kangaroo, Diced Venison, Diced Turkey

Our diced meats are the perfect 100% natural food for your pets. All meats in the range are suitable preservative-free, hypoallergenic dog foods – and other pets will love it too! We supply diced kangaroo, venison and turkey to give you options to suit your pet’s taste and health requirements. Lean, 100% meat pet foods are the perfect option for pets that need to be on a weight loss or hypoallergenic diet. We sell our range of diced pet meats by the kilo.


Carcasses & Bones for Dogs & Other Pets

We have a range of meat on the bone, including chicken bones for dogs and other pets. Raw meat on the bone is great for healthy gums and teeth and can help to cleanse the digestive tract. Choose from our range of chicken, kangaroo, venison and turkey bones for dogs in 12kg cartons.

If you have any further queries about what we offer for pets, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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