Mahogany Creek

Goanna Gourmet

Goanna Gourmet is Mahogany Creek Distributors’ in-house brand, and includes our range of chutneys, gourmet sausages and smoked products.

These products help define who we are by combining our game meats, Australian bush tucker and poultry into quality products that are synonymous with Mahogany Creek’s values.

Smoked Products

Naturally smoked using beech wood chips, these products are extremely popular with foodies who will appreciate the unique flavour that our special smoking process brings out. All of our smoked products come Cryovac packed, so customers can be assured of maximum freshness. Mahogany Creek can smoke any of our products to order.

Game Sausages

Our game sausages come to you already blanched and Cryovac packed, so they only need a little work from you to be ready for the plate. These sausages arrive in 1kg packets that are perfect for food service. Our game sausages perfectly balance our high quality Australian game meats with complementing and contrasting Australian bush tucker highlights - making them a truly Australian sausage that’s as diverse in taste as our country.


Our chutneys go with many kinds of meat, but work particularly well with our own range of intensely flavoured game meats and game sausages to bring a quintessential Australian flavour to your meal.

Celebrating Our National Identity

Our Goanna Gourmet line of game sausages and chutneys are sought after by many chefs, kitchens and organisations who are looking to feature products that reflect the unique cultural heritage of Australia.

If you’re looking for authentic products that celebrate our shared culture and ethnicity for a NAIDOC celebration or event, our Goanna Gourmet line is the perfect solution.

For more information on our Goanna Gourmet line, or to enquire specifically about our range of game sausages, please call us on 08 9249 2866 or get in touch with us online.