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Planning The Perfect Australian Bush Tucker Menu For Summer

As Christmas approaches, it’s the perfect time to start creating festive menus and planning activities and what better way to celebrate than to put together a truly Australian bush tucker feast? Native meats are the perfect addition to the Aussie summer and outdoor festivities. Sausages, steaks and burger patties made from kangaroo, emu or crocodile are not only delicious, they can also give your customers the opportunity to experience new flavours.

Follow our tips below to plan an Australian-style summer feast:

Make it an Australian Bush Tucker Summer

Before ordering the same chicken or turkey, consider the many other options available to make your event special.Game birds such as quail, goose or spatchcock are impressive alternatives to traditional Christmas meats. You can also go a step further and break with tradition entirely. Meats such as kangaroo, venison or emu are exotic options, creating a point of interest in your summer feast.

Spice it Up

Once you have chosen your meats, create something unique with complementary Australian bush tucker herbs and spices. Traditional herbs and spices include:

  • Lemon myrtle
  • Mountain pepper leaf
  • Native pepperberries

Each one lends a unique flavour to your meats as a rub, marinade or condiment. Consider creating accompanying side dishes using traditional flavours, with seeds, nuts and fruits such as quandongs, Kakadu plums or wild limes.

Complement with Oils

Infuse meats with oils, such as eucalyptus (some eucalyptus oils are not edible so check the label), lemon myrtle and macadamia nut oil. Not only will it keep the meat tender, it will also provide a great variety of flavours. Oils can also be used to complement salads or vegetables dishes. Get creative and even add them to desserts for an all-round Australian experience.

Mahogany Creek Distributors stock a wide range of bird and game meats as well as variety of complementary herbs, spices and oils. Let us help you plan an event to remember with the right meats for your summer menu. After trying out your traditional, Australian menu for Christmas, your customers may be eager for more. Consider making game meats an established part of your menu.

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