Mahogany Creek

Eucalyptus Oil – A characteristically Australian flavour which is to be used in tiny amounts. Try it in desserts (eg.Eucalyptus and honey ice cream) or blended with butter as a spread. It lends itself to flavouring soup and sauces, particularly lamb.

******Note not all eucalyptus oils can be used as food flavouring******


Lemon Myrtle Oil – Available in 200ml bottles and diluted in vegetable oil, it may need to be diluted further as required. 1 x 200ml bottle should flavour close to 1000 serves. It is especially useful simply brushed over cooked or smoked fish prior to service or used as a seasoning in soups or desserts.

Macadamia Nut Oil – Ideal as a salad dressing, on pasta, in mayonnaises or batters and bread mixes, in low temperature stir frying and as a base for macadamia nut cream sauces for poultry or baked vegetables.