Mahogany Creek

Chicken Breast

Breast Pieces – Bone In and Boneless, Fresh and Frozen. Mahogany Creek Suppliers offers exactly what you need when it comes to supplying chicken breasts. Order online or contact us for more information.

Chicken Breast
CH015 : Chicken Tenderloin
CH010 : Chicken Corn-fed Kiev Frozen - 10 per tray
CH022 : Chicken Breast Mince
CH070 : Chicken Boneless Breast - Large
CH071 : Chicken Boneless Breast - Small
CH072 : Chicken Skinless Boneless Breast - Large
CH073 : Chicken Skinless Boneless Breast - Small
CH075 : Chicken Kiev Breast Supreme - Large
CH077 : Chicken Kiev Breast Supreme - Small
CH170 : Chicken Boneless Breast Frozen
CH172 : Chicken Boneless Skinless Breast Frozen