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9 Australian Bush Tucker Foods You Need To Try

Incorporating new foods into your cooking projects can be exciting, yet confusing when you are presented with a wide range of exotic ingredients. However, when seeking a new culinary experience, you need not look further than native foods. There is an array of Australian bush tucker options available which are full of flavour and simple to create.

We have compiled a list of essential ingredients to start stocking your pantry to create authentic Australian bush tucker:


With its low fat content and high protein, kangaroo meat is a must have for the health-conscious and a great way to add variety to your week night menu. The versatile meat comes in a variety of cuts, including steaks, mince and sausages.

Lemon Myrtle

The unassuming herb packs a lemony punch and is a perfect addition to your Australian bush tucker menu. Both sweet and citrusy, lemon myrtle can add a fresh lemon flavour to sauces, salads or vegetables.


Also known as a native peach, quandongs can be used in place of other fruits in sweet and savoury cooking. Consider replacing in tarts, crumbles or pies or use to make jam.


Crunchy but buttery and smooth, macadamias are an impressive addition to any meal. Eat raw as a snack or crush and use in crumble toppings or over fruit. Macadamias are readily available and can easily enhance a meal.

Eucalyptus Oil

It’s in your laundry, but did you know there is an edible eucalyptus oil which you can use as part of your cooking to give dishes an authentic bush flavour

Wild Limes

These strongly flavoured native citrus fruits have a strong, tarty lime flavour and are wonderful when used in mayonnaise, as well as desserts and glazed.

Warrigal greens

Add native greens to keep your dish authentic. The Australian alternative to English spinach, warrigal greens offer great flavour and high antioxidant content.

Mountain Pepper Leaf

Used similar to standard peppercorns, the pepper berries can be ground in your pepper mill to add spice to your dish. Mountain pepper leaf has a mild eucalyptus flavour with a hot bite.

Bush Tomatoes

Australian bush tomatoes are just as versatile as your standard tomato and can even be used in sweet and savoury dishes. The fruit has a bitter edge, and with sun drying, it will intensify in flavour.

Start Experimenting Today

There is a wide variety of native foods available to enhance your cooking repertoire. Find out how we can supply your kitchen by calling Mahogany Creek Distributors on (08) 9249 2866 or get in touch online.


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