Mahogany Creek

Herbs, Spices & Vegetables

Lemon Myrtle – A rainforest tree from the east coast of Australia, the lemon myrtle leaf, when crushed or infused, releases a tempting combination of taste and aroma similar to a blend of sweet lemon grass, lemon and lime oils. Try lemon myrtle in soups, sauces fruit stews and pickles or try sousing fish in hot vinegar and lemon myrtle. Lemon myrtle makes an excellent herb butter or custard, a refreshing tea or it can be added to breads. The lemon myrtle flavour can cook out with too much heat so add last and infuse or cover the simmering vessel to seal in the volatile oils. Available as dry leaf, ground herb or as an oil.

Mountain Pepper leaf – The alpine mountain pepper leaf can be used dry or ground and added to hot dishes as a seasoning or used whole like bay leaves it has a smooth, woody character with a hot zing between pepper and chilli which reduces with cooking. To enhance the zing, use ground pepper leaf as a seasoning on soups or mains just before serving.

Native Pepperberries – The small purple/black berries have a hot peppery zing and can flavour or garnish almost any sauce or even be baked into a unique pepperbread. They are very suited to our game meats to enhance the gameness. Their unique flavour will even enhance a traditional pepper steak providing that special touch of the bush.