Mahogany Creek

Leg & Thigh

Leg and Thigh Chicken Pieces – Bone In and Boneless, Fresh and Frozen. Our chicken pieces are cut for your specifications and all comeĀ from our locally grown chickens.

Leg and Thigh Pieces
CH019 :Chicken Chops
CH050 :Chicken Drumstick
CH051 :Chicken Drumettes
CH052 :Chicken Legs
CH053 :Chicken Maryland
CH054 :Chicken Boneless Maryland
CH055 :Chicken Skinless Boneless Maryland
CH060 :Chicken Thigh
CH061 :Chicken Boneless Thigh
CH062 :Chicken Skinless Boneless Thigh
CH063 :Chicken Skinless Boneless Thigh Stir fry / Diced
CH150 :Chicken Drumstick Frozen
CH151 :Chicken Drumettes Frozen
CH155 :Chicken Frozen Boneless Skinless Maryland
CH161 :Chicken Frozen Boneless Thigh
CH162 :Chicken Frozen Boneless Skinless Thigh