Mahogany Creek

Venison meat

Venison meat is a dark red, fine grained meat that is low in fat and high in flavor. We source our Venison from Margaret River Venison who over a number of years has established themselves as one of the leaders in breeding top quality Deer.

We carry most cuts from the top shelf Striploin and Fillet, to leg cuts like Rump and Round and Osso Bucco for that perfect winter warmer.

There are many great recipes using various cuts of deer meat, including:

  • Proscuitto wrapped venison with spicy tomato relish
  • Moroccan meat balls
  • Deer jerky
  • Steak pie
  • Barbecued spicy medallions with mango and coriander

For more information and other excellent recipes, download our Venison Information Sheet.

Venison meat
VE001 : Venison Striploin - Denvered
VE004 : Venison Fillet
VE005 : Venison Topside
VE006 : Venison Round
VE007 : Venison - Whole
VE009 : Venison Medallions
VE011 : Venison Rump
VE012 : Venison Shanks
VE013 : Venison Shoulder
VE014 : Venison Osso Bucco
VE016 : Venison Diced
VE017 : Venison Sausages
VE018 : Venison Boneless Forequarter
VE019 : Venison Mince
VE020 : Venison Bones
VE021 : Venison Racks
VE022 : Venison Livers
VE023 : Venison Spare Ribs
VE024 : Venison Chorizo Sausage