Mahogany Creek

Game Meats

Game meat has become increasingly popular across Australia for its rich flavours and healthy benefits. At Mahogany Creek Distributors, we pride ourselves in supplying the hospitality industry with the best wild game meat in Western Australia.

We are the leading producers, wholesalers, and distributors of bush foods, poultry and game in the industry and believe in ensuring our customers get only the best, top-quality, custom-packed produce available.

As the leaders in wild game meat suppliers, we offer a range of options to suit any palate and menu possible.

Our full range of Game meat products

Our range of game meat is varied and mouth-wateringly good. Here are the bush meat wholesale produce options we offer:


Buffalo meat is a deep red in colour and has a similar taste to beef, with a much heartier and ‘gamier’ flavour. We offer Buffalo meat filleted, minced, cube rolled, or diced. We also offer a divine Buffalo and Native Pepper blanched sausage option as well.


Similar to Buffalo, Camel meat is also a deep red colour with high-protein and low-fat properties. A delicacy of note, we offer options of buying Camel meat cube rolled or filleted.


Emu meat is prepared under strict controls in Australia and our meat is no different. We take great care in offering our clients only the best Emu meat options of mince, mixed steak, fillet, or liver. We also offer a scrumptious Emu and Illawarra Plum blanched sausage too.


Crocodile meat has become popular with many Australian foodies thanks to the fact that its low in fat and high in protein. For the true Australian game meat experience, we offer Crocodile tail fillets, Crocodile body flesh, and Crocodile bone in legs. We also offer a sumptuous Crocodile and Lemon Myrtle blanched sausage too.


Australia’s native and ultimate game meat, Kangaroo meat is unlike any other. We offer Kangaroo meat that is free from antibiotics, chemicals, and truly is free range. Kangaroo meat is also low in fat and is extremely flavourful, and is available as topside, tail, rump or backstrap and can be minced or diced. Try our Kangaroo and Riberry blanched sausage while you’re at it too.


Once considered the poor man’s beef, Goat meat has become more and more popular the world over for its high-protein and low-fat properties. We offer goat leg, boneless leg, and tenderloin meat options.


We offer our customers the option of farmed or wild rabbit meat. Both are full of flavour and will add variety and zest to any meal prepared.

Venison (Deer Meat)

The dark red, grained texture of Venison makes it the perfect game meat choice for any stew or winter-warmer. We offer our customers the option of choosing the deer meat in a variety of cuts from fillet and rump, to Osso Bucco and chorizo sausages.

Wild Boar

Darker in colour than farmed pork, wild boar has a unique, strong flavour. We offer both a boneless and boneless saddle cut of Wild Boar meat to our customers.

At Mahogany Creek Distributors, we pride ourselves in meeting all of your game meat and bush meat wholesale needs. Call us on (08) 9249 2866 today to find out why we’re WA’s favourite game meat supplier