Mahogany Creek

Game Birds

Before the widespread use of chicken as an alternate to beef in modern cuisine, game birds were usually only eaten by hunters, outdoorsmen, and those who enjoyed deeper flavours. Game birds are becoming increasingly popular with the “foodie set” of late, because they offer a stronger and more intense flavour than chicken.

Though game birds can prove a bit more delicate to prepare than traditional meats, the depth of flavour offered will reward the attentive chef with a complex plate of food. Because they are often leaner than mass-produced chicken, the meat responds well to slower cooked preparations with frequent marinating – a perfect complement to our range of Goanna Gourmet chutneys and rubs.

Please note that game birds are seasonal, so before ordering enquire about the availability of the specific meat you’re after and we can tell you if and when they are in season.


Our range of game birds includes:


Quail is a particularly versatile game meat, and suits a wide variety of cuisine styles. Mahogany Creek supplies Japanese Quail bred in the Sydney basin and the lush pastures of the Upper Hunter Valley in northern NSW by Game Farm. Quail is low in fat and high in iron and protein.


A squab is a young pigeon bred specifically for its meat. The meat, which is highly favoured in classical French fine dining, is dark in colour and similar to that of duck meat. Its size can range from 350 grams to 500 grams.


A spatchcock is a poussin (young chicken), which has been specially prepared for easy roasting or grilling. Their delicate flavour and texture makes them an ideal choice in a wide selection of simple recipe.

Seasonal Offerings

We also have a seasonal range of game birds that reflect the traditional seasons and hunting traditions of old. Check out our seasonal range, which includes such birds as:

  • Geese
  • Guinea fowl
  • Partridge
  • Pheasant
  • Mutton birds

To find out more about our assorted range of game birds, or to enquire about the seasonal availability of some of our more specialised lines, please call Mahogany Creek on 08 9249 2866 or get in touch with us online.