Mahogany Creek


As Mahogany Creek Distributors, we are leading chicken wholesale distributors in Perth, and have been in the industry for over 25 years. We began operations as chicken suppliers from a quaint farm in the rolling hills of Mahogany Creek and took our name from its picturesque beauty. We’ve expanded our operations greatly since then, and now offer frozen and fresh chicken wholesale products as well as other wholesale poultry products.

Our operation may have grown but our commitment to being the leading wholesale chicken supplier in Perth has never faltered. We are the preferred WA poultry and chicken suppliers for many large hotel groups, restaurants, aged care facilities, schools and pubs across Perth’s Metropol. Our reputation in the industry proves our worth and dedication to our clients.

Fresh or frozen chicken cut to your specification

Our fresh and frozen chicken operation is geared toward creating the quality and cut of meat you require. That’s why we’re the favourite wholesale chicken supplier to many of Western Australia’s top restaurants and hotels. We offer:

Custom-cut wholesale solutions

We know that many kitchens have different preferences for the type of chicken they prepare, so we offer you the ability to buy bulk chicken online in the following cuts:

  • Breast pieces (fresh and frozen). We provide cuts to your requirements. Frozen breast pieces come in 12kg cartons - 6 x 2kg bags.
  • Leg and thigh pieces (fresh and frozen). Cut to your specifications from locally grown chickens. Frozen legs and thighs come in 12kg cartons - 6 x 2kg bags.
  • Whole bone-in and boneless. We carry sizes 9 (0.9kg) to 20 (2.0kg) and can supply you by the bird or by the carton. Frozen chickens are in carton lots only. We also supply boneless halves and whole boned and rolled, which are ideal for roasting.

Custom boning

Customers choose Mahogany Creek Distributors not only for the quality of our wholesale poultry products, but for our custom boning services. Our purpose built boning room allows us to create the cuts you want and we can bone our chicken to any specification. When you order with us you can also specify particular cuts and we’ll do the rest, which saves you time and effort.

Fresh or frozen

Our wholesale chicken portions are available as both fresh or frozen produce. Our efficient ordering and delivery system allows for speedy delivery times to ensure maximum freshness. Whether you prefer to cook with fresh chicken meat, or need to stock up with frozen meat in bulk, Mahogany Creek Distributors can supply it. We have different delivery options for different locations, so please contact us to check what order options are available for your area.

Other poultry products

Alongside our wholesale chicken options, we supply other wholesale poultry products such as duck and turkey as well.

At Mahogany Creek Distributors, we pride ourselves in meeting your wholesale chicken and poultry needs. Call us on (08) 9249 2866 today to find out why we’re WA’s favorite chicken supplier.