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Alternative Christmas Recipes Featuring Game Birds

Christmas every year can become a bit predictable when you serve up the same stuffed turkey and sides. Whilst Mahogany Creek Distributors stocks a range of quality chicken and turkeys, perfect for a traditional Christmas, we also have a range of game birds which can shake up your predictable Christmas and create a truly special meal. When you have to impress the relatives, try some of our favourite recipes:


Quail is a small sized game bird, which can be a single serve as an appetiser. Choose two per person if you wish to serve it as a main course. Although small, it has enough meat for its small size. Similar to chicken or turkey, they can be stuffed, with endless combinations available. Plum and fruit-based stuffings are ideal to complement the bird’s delicate flavour. Also consider marinating or brushing with butter or oil before cooking to prevent them from drying out.

Quail should be easily available from your local butcher, in specialty and conventional supermarkets. We recommend this quail recipe by Bruno Loubet, featuring a tasty rice stuffing and cranberry jus.


A spatchcock is a small chicken, also known as a poussin. They can have a reputation for lacking flavour, but prepared the right way, they provide an impressive and delicious Christmas meal. Poussin also offer a moister meat, with a light texture.

There are many recipes available for cooking spatchcock, but we recommend this one from for a Mediterranean style Christmas meal. As these game birds are smaller than a chicken, consider purchasing more so everyone at the table receives a good portion.


Serving goose for Christmas makes a change from the traditional turkey and there are a variety of flavours which complement the intense, game flavour of the bird. It is also juicier than a turkey, so there is less issue of drying out.

Goose is a chef’s dream for creating a stunning Christmas dinner. As a juicier meat, the goose produces cooking fat that can be reused and the golden skin becomes crispier than crackling. The remains make excellent stock and, of course, the liver can be made into pate. For any budding chef, we recommend this Jamie Oliver recipe for a spiced roast goose to impress at the Christmas table.

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