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Bunya Bunya Nuts – minimum 1kg

Bunya Bunya Nuts – minimum 1kg


Additional Information:

The Bunya nut is native to south-eastern Queensland especially the Bunya Mountains National Park. The Bunya nut tree has cones that contain the edible nuts which are encased in a shell. The nut resembles a chestnut and is equally tasty, maturing in summer. The Bunya nuts are already split to make removal of flesh easier.

  • Bunya Bunya Nuts- Minimum 1kg

Origin: Supplied from Queensland.

Cooking: These nuts are similar in size and flavour to chestnuts and were a feasting food of Aborigines in the Bunya Mountains of Southern Queensland. Each nut is encased in a thin woody shell which can be sliced with a knife after boiling the nuts and while they are still hot. The shelled nuts can then be blended and re-fried to make a pastry, used as a potato substitute in curries and stews, minced for use in chocolates, nougat, ice cream or other desserts and even preserved in sweetened rum.


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