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Based in Malaga, WA, Mahogany Creek is one of the largest wholesale meat suppliers in the state, supplying a huge variety of poultry, game meat, game birds and traditional Australian bush tucker to the hospitality industry. Our reputation for superior meat products has made us a preferred meat supplier since 1986. We believe in convenience which is why we make sure you can shop online from the comfort of your premises. Contact us for more information on how to buy our bulk meat online.

We have a commitment to providing superior service delivery and maintaining the highest standards across our wide product range. A testament to this is our long-standing relationships and long list of loyal clients, who make us their leading choice for buying buy game meat.

Our Clients Include

  • Renowned five-star hotels
  • Gold Plate award-winning restaurants
  • Aged care facilities
  • Mining sites
  • Pub
  • Cafés
  • Government departments (particularly for NAIDOC week)

We supply each of these clients with their own specific list of products.

Quality Game

Sourcing quality game meats and game birds in Australia is no mean feat, particularly in comparison to finding wholesale poultry, but we always strive to deliver. This is why you can rely on us when it comes to supplying select cuts of the most exotic and traditional meats, including:

The demand for exotic meats has seen our client base grow their menus to include several hard-to-find meat products. As part of our ongoing drive for superior customer care, we also offer advice on seasonal menu changes and chef requests for, “Something a little different.”

Custom boning

Most of the meats we offer come with custom boning options. This means you can order game meats, wholesale poultry, or other meats, which are then cut precisely the way you want them. This reduces the time needed for preparation and minimizes wastage, if there is any at all.

Portion control

You can also opt for a continuous supply of portion-controlled meat and poultry; this is a convenient solution that helps reduce waste and the need for the continuous ordering of supplies. Contact us for more details and to find out which wild game meats you can buy. We deliver daily or weekly; either way you will get fresh meat products delivered to your door.


We deliver all over Western Australia, from Broome to Esperance, Kalgoorlie and beyond. From Monday to Friday, we deliver to Perth metropolitan areas, or to a nominated freight yard for our regional customers. If you are in the Augusta-Bunbury region, we have an office located in Margaret River which is open for business Monday to Friday. We also ship shrink-wrapped products to many international clients.

Some game meats, game birds and other delicacies are not always available to the public in Western Australia. So, we endeavour to source retailers who can service your product requirements and arrange for a pick up from our factory.

Certification & food safety

We follow all health and safety regulations and are HACCP Certified. Mahogany Creek Distributors is inspected regularly (more than twice a year) and achieves exceptional results in all our audits. HACCP regulates and promotes safe food in Australia; being HAACP certified ensures that our practices and procedures are of the highest standard, so you are guaranteed the same quality products and services that have made us a household name.

Buy Meat Wholesale Online

Order your game meats and Australian bush tucker online or via telephone 08 9249 2866 or fax 08 9249 2867.

If you’re interested in becoming a customer, or arranging delivery to your business from Australia’s premier meat suppliers, browse our FAQs or get in touch for more information.

Contact Mahogany Creek today by calling 08 9249 2866, or submit an online enquiry form for more information about our exotic Australian wholesale meat products.

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