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Game Meats

Mahogany Creek Distributors has a large range of game meats to suit any menu.

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Buffalo meat is deep red in colour with a taste similar to beef, only a little gamier. Buffalo meat steaks are best cooked for a shorter time than beef, as over-cooking will make it too dry and tough. It is best cooked until it is medium rare. Use a sizzling hot plate to seal in the juices, and if you prefer your steaks well done then use a marinade to ensure it stays juicy.


Low in fat and high in protein, this white meat is becoming increasingly popular and is a great talking point on any menu. Crocodile is best cooked from a frozen, unthawed state as this guarantees moisture is retained. It should be cooked until medium rare.


High in protein and low in fat, emu is prepared under strict controls, which ensures it is of the highest quality. Emu has a deep red colour, and is best cooked on a sizzling hot plate to seal in its natural juices and served medium rare. If you prefer yours well done, it is a good idea to add a marinade.


Free from antibiotics, chemicals and human intervention, these natural high-protein cuts are prepared under strict standards. Low in fat and full of flavour, kangaroo is best cooked until medium rare on a sizzling hot plate to seal in its natural juices.


Farmed rabbits have a taste and texture similar to chicken, yet are full of flavour. Wild rabbits are a little smaller and have a gamier taste than farmed rabbits.

Venison (Deer Meat)

Venison (deer meat) is a dark red, fine grained meat that is low in fat and high in flavour. We carry most cuts of venison deer meat, from top-shelf striploin and fillet, to leg cuts like rump, round and osso bucco for that perfect winter warmer.

Wild Boar

Darker in colour than farmed pork, wild boar has a unique, strong flavour. We recommend that it be cooked slowly.

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