The health benefits of eating game meat from Australia

We all know why eating healthy is important – it gives you energy, helps fight illnesses, boosts your mood and helps to manage healthy body weight. But, is meat good for your health? And where do Aussie game meats fit into it? As a leading meat supplier, we might be a little biased – but regardless, we’ve put together a list of health benefits of eating game meats to help you make an informed decision.

Overall, meat is a great source of protein, vitamins A, B12, iron, selenium and amino acids. The leaner the meat, the better it is for you. However, you should keep in mind that how you cook it can have a huge effect on its health benefits. Avoid deep-frying and instead stick to slow cooking, roasting, baking, steaming or grilling your meat to make it as healthy as possible.

Wild kangaroo game meat

With less than 2% fat, wild kangaroo is an incredibly healthy red meat option to incorporate into your diet. It’s also got loads of protein, vitamin B, zinc and iron as well as omega-3 and 6! For those with low iron, kangaroo meat can really give you a kick… see what we did there? In all seriousness, kangaroo has double the iron of beef and triple the iron of chicken and pork, so adding it to the menu is a great way to up your iron intake. The added benefit of wild kangaroo is that there are absolutely no added growth hormones, probiotics or chemicals in the process – meaning your marinated kangaroo fillet is as natural as it gets.

Popular cuts of wild kangaroo include striploin, ideal for pan-frying and the BBQ,  rump, great for stir-frying and roasting and tail for curries and casseroles. If you are frying your roo, don’t overcook it and make sure you bring it up to room temperature before putting it in the pan. Ready to experiment in the kitchen? We have a huge selection of kangaroo cuts to choose from including those listed above, as well as diced, minced and filleted.

Wild venison game meat

Introduced to Australia in the 19th Century, wild deer cause a range of environmental issues including eating and damaging native flora, spreading weeds to new areas and contributing to the degradation of waterways. Therefore, culling wild deer from our country is integral – and it doesn’t hurt that wild venison is a delicious flavour to add to your feast!

From a health perspective, venison is high in protein and low in fat. Plus, it gives you rich vitamins and minerals including iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, vitamin B6 and B12, riboflavin, niacin and thiamin.

When it comes to cooking your venison, we recommend following the red meat rules: cook to medium-rare, bring to room temperature before cooking, oiling your meat, not your pan and resting before serving. Whether you are looking for a leg to hot smoke, boneless roasts, racks, shanks, fillets or steaks – we’ve got you covered! Browse our extensive range of wild venison options to get inspired.

Wild crocodile game meat

For a walk on the wild side that feels a little wilder, try Mahogany Creek wild crocodile meat. With less saturated fat than beef, crocodile meat is a lean, low-cholesterol option to add to your weekly roster of meals. It’s also high in fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B12 and niacin.

If you’re a little daunted by the prospect of cooking crocodile meat, you’re not alone. Although it might feel a little exotic, it isn’t too dissimilar in texture to chicken or pork but there are a few tricks to follow to make the most of the flavour. Most people enjoy wild crocodile grilled or barbecued, ensuring it doesn’t dry out – think medium-rare like you would beef steak. We recommend seasoning to enhance the taste with salt and pepper, lemon and herb or try out a Chinese marinade with soy sauce, chilli, garlic and ginger.

Final takeaways

Our top tips for choosing the best meats for healthy eating:

  1. The leaner the better – choose wild game meats with low fat content.
  2. Purchase wild game meats from a reputable supplier with robust food processing standards.
  3. Go for preservative-free meats without any added antibiotics or chemicals.
  4. Consider how you cook – make the most of your meat’s health benefits by preparing and cooking your meal in a healthy way.
  5. Everything in moderation – ensure you have a balanced diet with representation from all food groups.

And, most importantly – enjoy! We’re passionate about bringing uniquely Aussie flavours to Western Australian plates. Browse our extensive range of healthy and delicious Australian game meats below.

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