Mahogany Creek

Seeds and Nuts

Bunya-Bunya Nuts – These nuts are similar in size and flavour to chestnuts and were a feasting food of Aborigines in the Bunya Mountains of Southern Queensland. Each nut is encased in a thin woody shell which can be sliced with a knife after boiling the nuts and while they are still hot. The shelled nuts can then be blended and re-fried to make a pastry, used as a potato substitute in curries and stews, minced for use in chocolates, nougat, ice cream or other desserts and even preserved in sweetened rum.

Wattleseed or Wattle – The seeds of a particular dry land wattle are roasted and ground to produce the coffee-chocolate-hazelnut taste. Bring a small quantity of wattle to the boil to soften the grounds. Strain off the liquid extract and store in the refrigerator or freezer. Use the boiled grounds in marinades, as a crumb for meats or as a batter for fish. Use the extract with or without the solids to make wattle ice cream, Pavlova and wattle pancakes. Wattleccino (wattle cappuccino) is fast becoming famous. Only one teaspoon of wattle per cup is needed so it is very economical.