Camels bear distinctive fatty deposits known as “humps” on their backs. Camels are captured live and taken to an abattoir. We have a wide variety of camel available. Below are a just a few of the 18 different cuts we sell. Please contact us for more information on what other cuts are available.

  • Topside- 3-6 kg
  • Rounds- 3-6kg
  • Silverside- 3-6kg
  • Bone in Fore Quarter- 22kg Carton
  • Mince- 1kg
  • Blade- 2-4kg

Origin: Wild gathered, subject to culling procedures, Greater Central Australia.

Cooking: Most cuts of camel are very lean and steak cuts need to be cooked on a very hot surface to sear the meat and keep the juices in.  The same applies for roasting camel.  You will need a very hot oven for the first thirty minutes. Many cuts are braised for best results as it is a very lean animal much like goat in flavor and texture.

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