5 Tips For Cooking Kangaroo Meat: The Healthy Australian Alternative

Kangaroo meat has long been overlooked by local kitchens but our native bush tucker offers some great health benefits, along with being a tasty addition to any menu. Native meats are versatile as well as an opportunity for customers to experience a new and exciting dish.

There are numerous health benefits to kangaroo meat at the recommended serving size of 200g. The meat contains low fat content, such as very low levels of saturated fats. All cuts are lean, so you receive a quality product whether it comes as a steak, sausage or mince. In addition, the sustainable meats contain high levels of vitamins and minerals, being high in iron and zinc.

Like many red meats, kangaroo also has some careful preparation steps to follow to produce tender and flavoursome meals. Read our tips below to get started experimenting with a new meat:

Cook Hot

Like most red meats, kangaroo steaks are best cooked when the hotplate is hot. Cook quickly and take off the plate to rest for 5 minutes before serving.

Marinate or Soaka

To maintain tenderness, we recommend marinating steaks first in olive oil. You can add a variety of combinations of herbs, spices and flavours such as plum and orange. Marinate for approximately 1 hour in the fridge before cooking.

Make it Medium Rare

The best way to serve kangaroo steaks is medium rare. This will allow the meat to be tender and flavoursome. Any further cooking can lead to drying out. Mince or sausages should be cooked for longer, and thoroughly.

3 minutes each side

When cooking in a pan, hot plate or BBQ, cooking time is roughly 3 minutes each side, depending on the thickness of the steak.

Mix it up

Kangaroo meat can be served as more than just steaks. Purchase minced, as burgers or sausages. Throw it into a stir fry or create a healthy roast.

Bring some fresh ideas to your kitchen and impress your customers with a selection of game meats. Kangaroo is versatile, healthy and easy to prepare, yet provides an exotic wow-factor to any menu. Talk to Mahogany Creek Distributors about our ability to supply your kitchen with high quality game meats.

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