Current Specials

We need more room in the freezers so we are heavily reducing the price of some lines. This is a great opportunity to purchase some awesome products that will make your menu look fantastic.

We have Perri Perri Spatchcocks (2 per packet) reduced to $11.80 per pack or $5.90 per bird! The Perri Perri Spatchcock is a semi boned (rib cage removed) Spatchcock making it perfect for char grilling.

2 Litre tubs of Duck Fat, straight from Luv A Duck at $32.00 per tub – buy this before the boss finds out, he wont be happy at these prices. Perfect for confit and the best roast spuds EVER!

Turkey Tenderloins are a fantastic product, juicy and tender and perfect size as a main meat at around 200-250 grams each selling at $13.30 per kg.

New Zealand Denvered Venison Loin – cant get better value at $45.80 per kg. Never before have we sold Venison loin this cheap. Straight out of New Zealand…

Cornfed Kiev Cut Chicken Breast (single chicken breast skin on with the first wing bone still attached) an amazing product at an amazing price of $16.50 per kg. Packed in packs of 10 frozen approx 300gms per breast.

If you would like more details on these specials or any other top of the range products please contact us here

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