Are You GAME Chorizo

We are proud to introduce our range of Australiana Chorizo. We have taken some purely Australian ingredients and created a unique Chorizo using a traditional Chorizo recipe. Produced under our Goanna Gourmet label these Chorizo’s will have your customers talking and wanting to try.

Our Emu and Native Pepperberry Chorizo has the gamieness of Emu with the zing of a Native Pepperberry (small purple/black berries with a hot peppery zing) making it a stand out in flavour. Perfect as part of a tasting plate, in a pasta or on a pizza. They are packaged for the food service industry with a minimum weight of 1.75kg.

Product Code is EM007 and is $27.85 per kg

Our Buffalo and Native Pepperleaf Chorizo blends Australian Buffalo with Native Pepperleaf (alpine mountain pepper leaf has a smooth, woody character with a hot zing between pepper and chilli). Packaged in a minimum pack of 2.5kg.

Product Code is BU008 and is $24.60 per kg

We also carry the very popular Venison Chorizo produced by Margaret River Venison, packaged in approximately 1.5kg packets.

Product Code is VE024 and is $42.90 per kg

Please contact us for more information regarding the Australian Chorizo Range.

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